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Horoscope for Cancer

There are two main stories or areas of extreme activity this month and because they are so different they operate on different planes. The first story is a chance for major personal growth as you move into your new solar year and the challenge this might create for your relationships. With a total solar eclipse in Cancer on 3rd July and a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on 17th July, the interplay between your personal and relationship needs that began last month will continue into this month. Ever since the North Node's return to Cancer in November, this opened the doors to major new beginnings and for personal growth. Yet it wasn't until Mars reached Cancer in May, that this gained legs and you gained the ability to start fighting for your personal truth and for the things that mattered to you. It was both Mars and Mercury's opposition with Saturn and Pluto in your relationship sector last month, that saw your personal and relationship needs clash for the first time. The lunar eclipse on 17th July is the last real clash and two weeks after an empowering total solar eclipse in Cancer on 3rd July, there is a chance for your own and your relationship needs to meet halfway. This is when something authentic can be created. The second story has no challenges and is instead the rise and rise of exciting developments across the income, work and career fronts. This began with Mercury and Juno's return to your income sector last month, just days after a Full Moon in your work sector. It is Mars' departure from Cancer and return to your income sector on 2nd July that will see a lot of last month's personal pressure drop back, while injecting income matters with a lot of enthusiasm. By the end of the month, the Sun and Venus will be in your income sector as well, with all planets here at a friendly aspect to planets on the job and career fronts.

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