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horoscope for Taurus

Even with Venus' direct turn in your income sector late last month and Mercury's direct turn in your communication sector on 12th July, the number of planets in retrograde motion far outnumber the number of planets in direct motion. However, the one planet that is still in direct motion or at least will be until turning direct next month is Uranus, still in the first full year of a seven year visit to Taurus. As Uranus is your connection to the truth and to your true path forward, this will ensure that you don't lose your way or your sense of direction while still making the most of the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential. In every instance but one, even in retrograde motion the planets are staying where they are, with the doors open to the past and second chances on the communication, social, adventurous and even reflective fronts. The exception is Saturn, who begins the month in your career sector before retrograding back out to rejoin Jupiter and Pluto, who are already in retrograde motion in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. For Saturn, in your career sector for just over three months, this has been more an advance visit to lay down the foundations and groundwork for future growth. For it is in December that Saturn will not only return but with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion and that will be a game changer. Just having Saturn and Jupiter, the two most powerful planets in the solar system in the same part of your chart at the same time is rare and only happens once every 20 years, while it has been six decades since they were last in your career sector at the same time. However, to have them align is even rarer and the last time they aligned in your career sector, which they will do over Christmas, was literally in the Dark Ages. With Saturn here until 2023 once he returns, it is no wonder that he has returned ahead of time to spend three months setting things up, with a chance to prepare for the future by looking back.

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